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File: news item

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Check the file .../infusions/news/templates/html/news_item.html
Lines 30-31 and 69-70. Probably, is required change places {% news_comments%} and {% news_reads%}
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Frederik Chan, the chief developer, does not recommend asking for the info for version 9.03, which is now before publishing.

Chan just this in a public statement.
Please do not ask for support for 9.03. These are not public supported package and is only for closed development use.
The 9.0.3 is updated daily, often with incompleted codes. AKA WiP, Work in Progress, You can not sync your installation daily vs this version.
If you do find real issues that are not WiP related, then it is good if you do report it, but that report need to be on the Github for non released versions.
The current stable package is found here:
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I understand. I need to register on Github for error messages in the test version of cms. I just wanted to draw RobiNN attention to this code. I do not know what it is, a mistake or everything is right and should be so. For example, in the Bootstrap and Shadowness themes, the view numbers are near the comment icon. Photo for viewing: This is only on the main news page and in the category, the full news is all good.
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Please wait, Chan is working on a new template.
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Thanks for the answer.