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Problem with the video infusion.

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Sorry, I don't speak Czech but I see that the infusion comes from this forum. I have a problem. I have installed the video infusion but it doesn't work.

There are no new options in the admin panel. Only in navbar appeared a link to the video. But it doesn't work. New tables like videos have appeared in the database.

During installation, I copied the videos to infusions folder, and then clicked infuse in the Admin Panel. Should I do something else?

My version : PHP-Fusion 9.02
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Hi, I'm the author of this infusion.
The infusion is not compatible with the old release of PHP-Fusion. Upgrade your system to 9.03.00 or the latest stable release 9.03.10 (recommended)

You can also use the official UK support that is in English. My infusions are shared on both sites
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PHFFusion infúzie: PF-Projects/PF-Addons, PHPFusion/Addons
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Okay, I think that infusion work in 9.02. Thanks for your anwser.